Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bella & Chico

This evening I came in and Chico called hello from the bedroom when he heard me. I let them out and they raced outside only to find it was raining out. Chico braved the rain to do his business. Bella came over to see me to say hi. After that, she went and laid on the towel and watched the rain. Chico went in and got himself some dinner. Bella sat with me for more pets. Once Chico was done, he wandered off to the bedroom. Bella ran outside for a few minutes, then came in to take her turn to eat. Soon, it was time to tuck them in for bed.

Noell & Navi

Today Noell was waiting for me in the kitchen. She brushed up against my legs while she waited patiently for me to get her breakfast. Navi came in after awhile, just in time to eat! The girls worked on that and I went out to scoop their box. They were both waiting for me at our spot in the living room when I finished. They stood on either side of me for a few pets before we got down to some play time. I got the laser light out and had Noell zooming around on the rug. Navi sat and watched a bit. Soon, Noell ventured out back to enjoy the morning on her patio. Navi got some more pets. She kind of wandered off as well and was checking out things through the windows. She was just waiting for treat time today!