Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This afternoon Sadie and Cole met me at the door. I let Sadie out front while I read notes quick. Then, Cole and I headed out back. As soon as he was done, we came in. It was a chilly day today! Zoie was ready when it was her turn to head out front. Sadie and I sat on the floor and she kept sneaking kisses. Cole stood in front of me and pawed for his pets. I made sure to give Zeus a few snacks before it was time to go. This evening Sadie met me and I let her do her thing. Cole came along and he did his business out back as quickly as he could. It was just starting to rain out. Sadie came in and I got her and Cole their dinners while Zoie took her turn out back. She and the neighbor dog were having fun talking to each other!

Murdy & Guthrie

Today Murdy met me at the door as usual. I headed to the kitchen to get his food ready, and I was soon joined by adorable little Guthrie! He was just coming to tell me he was ready to eat too. I got the boys their food while I filled their other dishes and cleaned boxes. By the time I finished, I could hear Guthrie in the bathroom saying he was done. Murdy had just finished as well, so that was perfect timing! I went and got the feather toy out and we had some fun. Murdy would race and sit on his tower, or head upstairs and look down at us through the railings. Guthrie was having a blast pouncing on the feather toy. He sure was quick too!