Saturday, October 21, 2017

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and started getting food ready for the kitties. I wasn't greeted by miss Lucy today. But, Shadow came and sat at the edge of the kitchen when he heard me getting the food out. He started to eat and I headed off to go scoop their box. On my way, I spotted Lucy lounging on the chair in the corner. She rolled to her side, stretched a paw out towards me and meowed. Haha! I, of course, had to stop and pet her. After I finished with my things, I sat on the floor by her and pet her awhile. She was in heaven and purred away the whole time. Shadow was sitting at the front door, checking out the neighborhood. He was ready for his treats when it was time!


This morning I came in and Shadow was snoozing on the top of his kitty tower. He hopped right down to come join me in the kitchen. I had jeans on today, so he could try and love nibble all he wanted! Haha. I gave him his pill and he protested eating it for awhile. I told him he had to eat that before he got his breakfast. I went to scoop his box and he decided to come help. After that, he finally gave in and ate it, so I have him his food. He worked on that awhile, then we played a little bit. This evening Shadow met me at the door. I gave him his dinner and he ate while I did my stuff. Shadow was a snuggle bug tonight and curled up in my lap. He sat there and got his pets while he cleaned his face and he purred away. Later on before I left, he started feeling spunky and raced into his box by the back door to goof around.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today the boys were watching me through the door when I got there. I came in and they quickly hopped on the counter to say hi as I got their food ready. Murdy went right to work, but Guthrie was more interested in getting pets! I filled their dishes and cleaned up their area. Then, I worked on trying to get Guthrie to finish his food. Finally, he ate it for me. He helped me get out the feather toy when it was time. Murdy sat on his kitty tower to watch for awhile, then he ventured on upstairs. Guthrie took breaks to get some pets, then would go stalk his feather toy again.