Friday, November 10, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning Sadie greeted me. I let her outside quick and went to get Cole from his bed. He and I went out back. Cole wandered straight to the grass to do his thing. Inside, I started getting breakfast and their meds together. Zoie went out for her turn and I fed the other two. Sadie went back out awhile and I kept Zoie some company so she'd eat her food. This afternoon was really nice out, so we all headed out back. Sadie went straight out to go roll around in the grass. She was covered in it! Haha. Cole was being silly and was hopping around playfully. I set him in my lap for a bit since that's what it seemed like he wanted. Haha. Soon, he was chilly and wanted in. Zoie stayed out the longest and explored. This evening the pups each took their potty breaks before dinner. Cole got his pill and everyone ate well. He did his business for me and the girls took their turns out front.

Bella & Chico

This evening the pups heard me come in and they said hi from their room. Well, Chico did anyways! Haha. I let them out and they zoomed to the back door to head outside. Bella came over to say hi right away and got her pets. Chico did his business and came in to get some dinner. Bella was busy visiting with me, but later took her turn to eat. Later on, Chico wandered off to go snuggle up in his bed. When it was time, I tucked them in with a bedtime cookie.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and both boys were on their way to the front door to see me! I said hi to them and we all headed towards the kitchen. Oreo hopped up on the counter to get some snacks. I had to steal the plate away until he ate his pill treat, so he wouldn't fill up first. Haha. I brought Stuffy his plate and went out to feed the outside kitties. As I got out there, I saw something dark scurry into the bushes. Not sure what it was! I don't think it was a cat though. Back inside, the boys had disappeared on me. I called for them and Oreo came to join me. I got out his pillow and the laser for us to play with. He loved on his pillow and would swat at the light. Eventually Stuffy wandered in and sat by me for some brush time.