Monday, February 27, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and started getting breakfast ready. Oreo hopped up on the counter to help. Stuffy came in and sat by the door to watch for his friend, but he wasn't out there this morning. Stuffy was more interested in spotting him than eating at first. I brought his canned food to him and eventually he did eat for me. The boys met me in the living room to get their brushes and chin rubs. This evening Oreo was right at the door. He was trying to look out, so I had to scoot him back a bit. Maybe he was watching for his little twin. Haha. Stuffy was sitting up on the stairs watching over the entry. Oreo led the way to the kitchen to get his snacks. Stuffy stayed on the stairs. I went out to check the food bowl outside. That brought Stuffy down to the bottom steps to keep an eye out. I brought his food over, but he got up and walked away. I followed him around with his food but he wasn't interested. I went to sit with Oreo in the living room to give him his pets. He purred away. Stuffy would come in and itch his chin on the brush, then would wander off again. Later, I found him in the bedroom sitting on the ottoman and looking out the window. He came down for attention and I got him to finally eat for me. He got his shot and Oreo decided to come in and snack on his food too. Haha.