Friday, November 11, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and heard both the girls come in from outside. They both joined me in the kitchen as I grabbed dishes. Navi went out to the dining room to weave in and out around table and chair legs as she waited. Goofy girl. Haha! I delivered their food and Noell tried to sneak over to Navi's bowl. I picked it up until Navi finally came in to eat. The girls both ate well as usual. I called Navi along to follow me to the bathroom. She put her paws on the bowl to hoist herself up far enough to scope things out. I put her up there since she wouldn't hop up on her own today. She didn't have to do anything this morning, so we went to the living room. Noell didn't stay too long and wandered out to the patio. She came in later on to visit and get some attention time. I moved the scratching post again and Navi had some fun playing. She kept tackling the box and tried ripping the paper siding off. I guess she was feeling sassy this morning! Haha. Before I left, I took her back to the bathroom to try again. Nothing this time either.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo met me in the entryway and walked ahead of me to the kitchen after I said hi. Stuffy was sitting in the living room by the end table. I gave him some pets too, then it was time to get dinner ready for them. Oreo found his pill on me the first time, so we went for round too. That did it! Haha. They ate and I went to take care of their things. Oreo was waiting for me in the living room, while Stuffy was still busy eating. Oreo pawed out his treats for awhile. Soon, he was ready for snuggle time. He curled up next to me and got his pets. He remained there pretty much the whole time! He did have to take one more snack break though. Haha! Stuffy joined us in the living room, but sat off at a distance. Before I left, I stopped to give him some pets too.