Monday, July 10, 2017


This morning I came in and Shadow quickly came to see me in the kitchen. He wandered around while I got his plate soaking and his new plate of food ready for him. While he ate, I did my things quick. Shadow came over to snuggle up on my lap for a bit. He would go back to eat some more, then would come visit again. I guess at one point he ate a little too much too quick, cause he got sick today. I had all his food nicely chopped up for him. I cleaned that up and he went to go sit on the fireplace. Later today I came in and Shadow met me in the kitchen as usual. He seemed determined to nibble on my legs tonight! Stinker! Haha. Soon I got him his food to eat instead. He ate and I tended to his box. When I returned, Shadow was ready to come sit in my lap for some pets. He purred away for quite awhile. After that, he was ready to play! I got out his kitty toy and he tumbled around on the floor with that. Then, he'd race up to his kitty tower. He'd wrestle around with the toy up there, then he came down on the couch to pounce on it. After awhile, he disappeared. I guess he wore himself out and had to go take a nap.