Saturday, July 8, 2017


This evening I came in and Shadow came to greet me shortly after. He came to check out the smells on me while I got his dinner ready. He went right to work on that while I turned on lights and checked his box. I sat in the living room and waited for him to finish. Shadow started making his way to the hall so I called for him. He stopped and wandered over by me and crawled in my lap for awhile. He sat and purred away. After that, Shadow hopped up to his kitty tower to give himself a bath. In between cleaning his paws, I'd toss his kitty toy up by him and he'd chomp on that and wrestle with it. Haha. We played for awhile and he stayed up there when it was time for me to clean up the dishes.

Murdy & Guthrie

This morning the boys were both pawing and stretching across the front door while I was unlocking it. That was funny to see! I came in and they went to wait for me in the kitchen. The boys got their breakfast, then it was time for me to clean up their room quick. I took some pics for mom and dad, then grabbed the feather toy for a bit of playtime. Guthrie jumped up on the couch to pounce on it and bring it back. Murdy swooped in once for a turn. Guthrie was even doing some pretty big leaps in the air this morning! Murdy went to go sit in his window for most of the time today. Guthrie didn't mind having playtime all to himself!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning started the same as most. I came in and Oreo appeared to come say good morning to me. We went to the kitchen and got him his breakfast. Stuffy wandered in shortly after and sat by the back door to watch for his friend. I brought Stuffy his food and the boys both ate for me. After we were all finished with our stuff, the boys came and sat with me for some morning lovins. Stuffy sprawled out on one side and Oreo snuggled up close on the other. They both purred away and took their little kitty naps. This evening I walked in and as I was heading to the kitchen, I could see Oreo up above walking down the hall to come downstairs. He came in the kitchen and rubbed his face on the tops of my feet and the back of my legs. Haha. I got him his pill and he found it on me, so he got another little treat sandwich. That one worked. I gave him his dinner and saw that Stuffy was sitting on the bottom steps. I brought his plate over and went to scoop their box. When I finished I saw he hadn't eaten and was sitting under a chair by the back door, so I brought his plate by him again. This time, he scarfed some down. The boys met me at our spot after dinner and snuggled up for some pets and brushes.