Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning I was greeted by the happy dance party! Haha. The kids bounced around in circles around me as we made our way to the door. I let them out and got breakfast ready. They were ready before I was finished. I let them in and they all licked their bowls clean. I let Gabbie and Hudson out once they were done. By the time Zel was finished, Gabbie was already shivering at the door, ready to come in. I let Zel out and she did her thing. Before long, she was ready to come in as well. I could hear Hudson outside having fun barking at things. Haha. Gabbie sat with me for some attention and Zel had gone to go snuggle up in one of the crates. When it was time, Hudson came in and the pups went in their beds. This evening I came in and the pups were barking hello. I let them all out back to do their thing. Soon, they were jumping up and down in the kitchen ready to eat. After dinner, we all headed outside to enjoy the beautiful evening. All three had fun exploring tonight. Once in awhile, Hudson would suddenly zip across the yard to go bark at something, with Gabbie tagging along behind. Haha. Zel was scrounging around on the patio, looking for bugs or worms to play with. When it was time, the pups were standing on their step, ready to head inside for bedtime.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo met me at the door when I came in. He followed me to the kitchen and started rubbing his head on my leg while I got his food ready. He was so lovey on me and attached to my leg this morning that I nearly tripped right over him! Haha. I called for Stuffy but he didn't come out until I went outside to fill Charlie's bowl. Stuffy ate his food and got his shot, then we went and met Oreo in the living room. He was already waiting for me. Oreo snuggled himself right up against me for his pets. Stuffy didn't stay and wandered off for awhile. He later returned to get some brush time in.