Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sophie & Roxie

Today was another very cold day. The girls were all snuggled in their dog house taking naps when I arrived. They stretched and came inside to see me. The girls both hopped on the couch and wanted their pets. I laughed because they were alternating pawing at me for more as they sat on opposite sides of me. Haha. Later, they played and messed around with each other, then finished up with sweet kisses. The girls both ate their dinners. Sophie laid on her back for belly rubs while Roxie ate. She took her turn next and then Roxie went back for seconds. Sophie stole her chair after that, so Roxie sadly had to go sit on the other one. Haha!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and both boys were sitting in the doorway to the bedroom. I said hi, then got their breakfast ready. The boys had wandered in to sit by the back door, so they ate there. Since it was a chilly morning, they were more than happy to snuggle up with me by the fire. Stuffy got his brushes and Oreo got his chin rubs. This evening the boys were both hanging out by the back door. Oreo was sitting on his favorite chair and Stuffy was sitting just below him. I gave them their dinner to work on while I filled their dishes and scooped their box. Oreo was already sitting by the fireplace waiting for me. I turned it on and Stuffy quickly appeared. The boys even snuggled up with each other next to me tonight. Even inside, they're feeling the effects of the cold! Haha! They both laid on their sides and purred away, taking little cat naps.