Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

This morning was pretty routine. I let Panda and Bu out for their potty break. I noticed Panda was limping a little more than usual. Not sure if his leg was asleep or he was just stiff from the morning. He seemed to get better as he went. Kylo went out for his turn. I didn't see Tatty at all yesterday, but she popped out for me this morning! She got a few pets after Kylo and I played. This afternoon the sun was shining but it was a little cooler out. The pups didn't seem to mind. They took their turns out back. I saw there was a shredded up rag in one of their crates. Not sure where that came from! I tossed it so no one would try to eat it. Tatty came out again and watched Kylo play fetch. This evening the pups were ready to head outside. Panda was all gimpy again. Maybe I'm just imagining it's worse than usual. Lol. He is eating and seems to be doing well otherwise. Kylo went out and got all riled up when he saw a car pulling in to the house across the road. He sure told them! Haha. He came in and we got some playtime in before bed.

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls came in to greet me. They sat and waited by their bowls for their breakfast. While they ate, I took care of their other things. Noell was waiting for me when I finished. She laid next to me for some pets while we waited for Navi to join us. I tried to get Noell to play, but she wasn't interested. Navi snuggled up in my lap for a bit. Then, she started getting silly and was rolling around and tucking her head and sticking her heiny in the air. What a weirdo! Haha. She was ready to chase the laser light for a bit until it was treat time.