Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and the girls appeared in the kitchen. Navi plopped right down in front of her bowl and Noell wandered in circles around the kitchen as they waited. I delivered their breakfast and they went to work. After I finished with my things, I came in and Navi was all sprawled out on the rug. She laid there and Noell came over to get some pets. I got out their laser light, but neither was really interested. I grabbed their newest feather toy and had Noell rolling around and swatting at it. Navi played a bit too, then tried to love bite me instead. Little booger! Haha. She was all lovey when it was time to fill her treat toys!

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning it was nice and cool out. Fall is back! I let Ruby out and she nearly wiped out as she raced to her bowl. Haha! She ate and by the time she finished, Rusty was ready to join us and head outside. I made sure Ruby did her thing, then headed back in to take care of the others. Sheba was waiting in the dining room, ready to eat. Salem was sitting on the bed when I brought the food in, so I stopped to give her a few pets. Next, it was time to take advantage of the cool morning and play a nice long game of fetch with bubba. This afternoon it was raining when I came to visit. I let Ruby out to potty quick, then we headed in. Sheba was ready to get some pets and to paw at her red dot awhile. Rusty and Ruby took naps in their chairs. This evening I came in and fed miss Ruby right away. She was already bouncing around at her bowl, impatiently waiting. Haha. Ranger was over and wanting to check out their bowls too, so I brought Rusty his food. He laid on his chair and cleaned out his bowl. After I fed the kitties, the pups and I headed out back. The big kids got dinner. Then, Rusty and I played another long game of fetch. Ruby was busy checking things out in the yard until it was time to head in.

Oreo & Stuffy

This morning I came in and Oreo was right at the door to say hi. He led the way to the kitchen and we got his breakfast ready. After he got his pill, he worked on his food. Stuffy was at his post and I brought him his while I went out to feed Charlie. Both boys ate well and met me in the living room for some attention time. Oreo sat on one side and snuggled up with his little Pillow. Stuffy came and sat on the other. He rolled to his side and took a little snooze as he got brushed and pet. This evening I came in and found Stuffy sitting in the entryway, right across from the door. Haha. I stopped to say hi and Oreo was already making his way to come say hi too. The boys waited at their spots for dinner. Oreo didn't eat much before wandering off. Stuffy didn't eat a ton either, so I followed him around with his different foods. Haha. Finally he snacked enough. Oreo was lounging in the bedroom awhile. I went to go sit by him and he just walked off. Fine then! Haha.