Monday, July 17, 2017


Today Felixx came running when he heard me come in. He joined me in the kitchen and watched as I filled his dishes. He followed along upstairs and sat patiently while I scooped his box and filled his other bowl. Felixx ran down ahead of me to the living room and was ready to play. I grabbed a couple of his strings and we had some fun. He rolled around on the floor and chomped on the string and kicked at it with his back feet. Then, he'd go hide behind the chair as usual, to try and pounce on it again and again. Felixx would come by for breaks and a few pets today as well.

Oreo & Stuffs

Today I came in and found Oreo in the kitchen, checking out the plates for any leftover morsels. He was happy to see me when he turned around. Time to eat! He waited patiently while I got his dinner ready. Oreo went to work while I went to see what Stuffy was up to. He was lounging comfortably on the bed. I brought his plate to him and he wolfed down his food. Guess he was a hungry boy! Oreo was already waiting for me in the living room when I was done with their box. Stuffy came wandering in shortly after. Oreo snuggled up to me and got his chin rubs, while Stuffy sat on the other side for his brushes. Stuffy didn't stay too long and eventually moved out of reach. He still stayed in the living room, but I guess he'd had enough pamper time. Oreo was happy to continue with his chin scratches though!