Monday, May 1, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls were both in the kitchen waiting for me. They sat by the fridge while I got their food ready. Navi would meow at me if I looked in her direction. Haha. I fed them and went to scoop their box quick. Afterwards, the girls came to snuggle up with me for a bit. Noell sat beside me for her pets and Navi made herself comfy in my lap. I got their laser light out, but they weren't too interested. So, I got the fishy toy out next. Noell had some fun zooming around the living room after that! Navi sat and crouched down behind her scratching post to watch and to get a paw in when she could. She helped me pick out some treats to put in her toy before I left.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning we had a very chilly start. The pups met me at the door and were ready to head outside. The girls were quick to get back to the door to come in and eat. I got everyone their breakfast and they all licked their bowls clean. Hudson went around and double licked them too. Haha! I let them back out to do their thing. The girls were in and out since it was so cold out this morning. Zel finally came in and snuggled up in her blanket. Even Hudson was ready to come in early. He and Gabbie went and cuddled up in his crate before it was time without me even asking! This evening the pups all barked loudly when they heard me coming. I let them all out and they did their thing while I got their food ready. Zel was sure excited to eat! She was barking like crazy at the door telling me they were ready. Haha. They came in and all ate well. After dinner, we all headed out back. It was nice out now, so they all had fun exploring.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning the boys were hanging out in the kitchen when I arrived. I think Stuffy was watching for Charlie, and well, Oreo was just ready to eat! Haha. I got their food ready and gave them their meds. After they finished, we headed to our spot. It was a chilly morning, so they were ready to snuggle up for their attention. This evening Oreo came running up to the door to greet me. He led the way to the kitchen. I saw Stuffy was sitting in the doorway of the bedroom. He got up and came to sit by the back door to watch for his friend as he waited. I got them their food and delivered a plate to Stuffy. The boys ate and I took care of their other things. When I finished, I got to the living room to find Oreo batting his toy around. I refilled them both and then sat with the boys. Oreo snacked on his treats as he got his pets, and Stuffy enjoyed his brushes.