Friday, September 29, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I came in and let Ruby out. She zoomed over to her bowl. Rusty heard her and came running over for his breakfast too. I got him his medicine and after they ate we went out so they could potty. Inside, Sheba and Salem were both sitting in the dining room, ready for their breakfast too. Salem got her pets on the bed. I went out to try and play with Rusty, but He still wasn't that into it this morning.  So, Sheba got some laser time in instead. She was going crazy for that red dot today! She would flail herself against the door to try and catch it. Haha. This afternoon Rusty came running when he heard me. Ruby, Rusty and I headed out back. It was a beautiful afternoon. Rusty was actually feeling a little better and we got some more throws in. We went in after awhile to play with Sheba and Rusty and Ruby hopped on the couch to snuggle with me. This evening both pups were bouncing at the door when they heard me coming. They both scarfed their dinners down. Rusty was definitely feeling better tonight. He got his 3rd dose of eye meds and his other pills, then we headed out back. I fed the big kids and then Rusty was ready for a nice game of fetch!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and Oreo met me in the kitchen. He rubbed his face on the back of my legs while he waited. Stuffy worked on his plate by the back door. I went out to feed Charlie quick. I haven't seen him in awhile, but his bowl is always empty. Haha. I came in and the boys were ready for some snuggle time. They laid on either side of me for some pets and brushes. I got the laser light out and Oreo had some fun chasing that around. He makes me laugh when he thumps around after it! This evening I came in and didn't see anyone. I started getting their food ready and felt a furry face on the back of my leg. Haha. Oreo snacked a little bit, then wandered off. I found Stuffy upstairs and brought his plate up for him. He ate well. I sat with him and gave him some pets for a bit. Later, I was going to go visit Oreo. He was just laying in the hallway up there. Haha. I sat with him and he loved up some chin rubs.

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and Navi was in the laundry room. She got all big eyed when I opened the door. Haha. I started getting their food and eventually Noell came wandering in. The girls ate and I did my things quick. Navi was lounging in the living room when I returned. Noell came in shortly after and the girls snuggled up with me for their pets. I got out their feather toy and Noell had fun zooming around the room in circles. Navi was lounging and watching. She didn't even move when Noell was zooming closeby. Haha. Navi rolled over and swatted at it a few times as well.