Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning Sadie and Cole were excitedly waiting for me. They ran along ahead of me to the kitchen. I let Sadie out right away and took Cole out to do his business.  Back inside, I started getting breakfast and meds ready for them. While Zoie was out taking her potty break, I fed Sadie and Cole. Both ate well and got their medicine. Zoie came in and snacked on her food right away too. This afternoon was absolutely beautiful outside. The yard seemed dry enough, so I let everyone out back. Sadie ran right out to the middle and rolled around in the grass. Zoie went off exploring, then came back to watch her bushes for bugs. Cole wandered around for awhile, then came to sit by me for his pets. Later on, a couple huge bumblebees were flying overhead, so Sadie and Zoie were trying to jump to see if they could catch them. Haha. It was time to head in anyways, so we did. I had to coax Zoie in though. She was having too much fun! This evening Sadie and Cole went out for their business. I let the girls out front tonight since it was dark and I wouldn't be able to see them in the back. Those two came in and ate their dinners while Zoie went out. She and the neighbor dog were busy talking back and forth. I let Sadie have a few more minutes out before it was time for bed.

Bella & Chico

This morning the pups raced outside when I got there. It was already really nice outside this morning. We spent the whole time out there. Bella was busy exploring and Chico roamed along the fence. He would go in now and again to grab a bite to eat and to try and check on his bone. I had closed the door so he couldn't hang out in there the whole time guarding it, so once he realized that, he'd come back outside again. This afternoon was just gorgeous outside! The pups and I went out to the patio. Chico was busy patrolling again and barking at any sounds he heard. Bella sat by me for a little while, then she got her sunbathing in. When it was time, we went in to cool off. This evening was still incredibly nice out. The pups joined me and spent some time out back doing their thing. They took turns going in to get a little dinner. Miss Bella had fun checking out the bushes tonight. They were ready to head in when it was time to get their bedtime snacks!