Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and both boys were right there in the kitchen. They both sat right at the corner while I got their dinner and Oreo's meds ready. While they ate, I cleaned their box as usual. The boys came into the living room with me after I filled their toy up. Oreo worked on his treats first today. Stuffy came and sat by me for some attention. He purred and enjoyed his pets. Oreo took a break for some chin rubs for awhile. After that, he wandered over to the window to watch for birds. Next, he went to snack some more on dinner, before coming back for more chin rubs.

Noell & Navi

Today the girls appeared in the kitchen shortly after I got in. I got their breakfast ready while Navi told me stories. They ate for me while I filled their other dishes up. They didn't eat quite as well as yesterday, but I'm sure they'll work on it more later. Navi made her way to the bathroom behind me after she finished eating. She hopped up there and pawed for a minute before hopping back down. I waited a second, then she came back, jumped up and did her business on her own. I changed it out once she was done. We headed to the living room next. Navi came and sat in my lap for a minute while Noell was wandering around. I got their mice out and started tossing them around. Navi didn't seem impressed and went to the front window to watch the neighborhood a bit. Noell on the other hand, was ready for playtime! She was batting that mouse all over the living room! Navi went and laid by the treat table to wait for those. Haha!

Daisy & Sophie

Today Sophie met me in the hall and immediately flopped down onto the floor and starting purring and rolling around. Haha! She knew what I was there for! Daisy was hanging out in the bathroom. She meowed as I said hi. I went to get her food ready for her. As she ate, I took care of boxes quick. Sophie was ready for some attention time. She was rubbing her face on my ankles. I stooped down to pet her. My sweatshirt strings were dangling, so she thought that was a fun toy! I sat on the floor with her and we played with those today. Haha. She chewed on the strings and swatted them around. Later, she suddenly zoomed upstairs. I heard her having fun running around up there. Eventually she got back down to the bottom steps and I saw she was having fun swatting a wrapper around. Silly girl!