Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

We had another beautiful morning out today. It was even a little bit chilly! It actually felt like fall weather should. I arrived and the pups ran around, excited to say hi and head out back. They quickly did their thing and came in to wait for their breakfast. After they ate, we headed back outside. I thought for sure Gabbie would be sitting at the door wanting to go back in this morning. But, she was busy exploring again today. She was particularly intrigued with the dog house by the gate. Hudson even had to come help scope things out. I went over there as well, to see what they were so excited about. I couldn't find anything, but they were certain some critter was hiding over there! They spent the whole time trying to get it out, until it was time to head inside. This evening, I let the pups out and Gabbie headed right for the dog house. Haha. The other two did their business and I had them all come in for dinner. They were spunky tonight and Hudson and Gabbie were picking on each other on the way to the kitchen. Haha! Back outside, Hudson and Gabbie were on the hunt again for the mysterious critter. Zel hung back and watched from the patio. Every now and again she'd go over to check things out too. Hudson gave up and went to his corner to talk to other neighborhood dogs. Busy day!

Eisley & Indy

This evening the pups heard me pull up and they announced my arrival. I got inside and Indy was bouncing around saying hi. They knew right away what I was there for and waited patiently for me to deliver their dinners. Both pups licked their bowls clean. I got them some fresh water as they were finishing up. Indy headed right back outside to go explore. It was a nice cool evening for it! Eisley got a little attention since he was busy. He would come in now and again to check on us... or rather, to see if it was treat time! Haha. He finally got his snack and Eisley enjoyed hers.

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and both girls were in the kitchen waiting for me. They walked around brushing up against cupboards and meowing at me. I got their breakfast ready and they both went to work. Navi cleaned out her bowl. Noell wandered off after she'd had her fill and Navi decided to snack on some of that too. I guess she was a hungry girl! I took Navi to the bathroom next. I set her up there several times and she didn't do anything other than sniff and try to cover things up. So, we went to go visit and try again later. Navi sprawled out on one side of me and Noell came and laid on the other. Both girls enjoyed some pets this morning. Noell rolled to her side and even got a few tummy rubs. Next, she was in a playful mood and started batting at a mouse toy! Navi just laid nearby, content as could be. Before I left, I had Navi try again a few more times for me, but she just wasn't having it. But, things have gone well and I haven't seen anything out of place.