Monday, January 23, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Stuffy was sitting in the dining room when I walked in. Oreo met me in the kitchen and was brushing up against my leg as he waited for his dinner. Stuffy went and sat in the living room. I brought him his food, but he didn't really want to eat for me. He tried to bury his canned food! Haha. Stuffy wandered off to go sit on the stairs. Oreo had gone to the living room and sat in front of his kitty pillow. He sure loves that thing! I followed Stuffy to the stairs and brought more food. I sprinkled some kibbles on the floor in front of him and he actually ate them like treats. He snacked like that as he enjoyed his brushes. After he got his shot and some more brush time, I went and visited Oreo for a bit. He made me laugh when he laid his head on his pillow as I pet him! It was hilarious!