Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was in the kitchen when I arrived. She started circling and brushing up against cabinets as she waited for me to get breakfast ready. Navi eventually came in from the patio. The girls both ate well for me. Noell kept trying to switch bowls. Haha. After breakfast, I took Navi to her potty, but she didn't have to use it. The girls both met me in the living room for some attention. Navi quickly ran over to hop right in my lap! Both girls eventually went out to relax on their patio. Before I left I started filling treat toys up. Navi was watching through the patio door. She, of course, came in to get those! I took her to the bathroom again but still no luck.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening both boys were walking into the dining room to come see me. They followed me all the way around and back into the kitchen. Oreo got his medicine, then the boys worked on their dinners. I filled their dishes and scooped their box while they ate. Oreo had finished and was off in the front entry checking out my shoes. He heard that I was finished and came to sit in the living room. I brought his treat toy along and he snacked on those. Stuffy was still eating, then went to get a nice long drink. When he was done, he came to join us. Oreo was enjoying his chin rubs and Stuffy got some pets too. Both boys just laid around and purred as they got their attention.