Monday, April 17, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This afternoon the rain had stopped and it got quite nice out. Zel met me on my way to see the pups. I let the other two out and we all headed out back. They all had fun roaming around and enjoying the weather. This evening the frogs were singing nice and loud again! Haha. I let the pups out for their business. I called them in so they could eat their dinner. Hudson had already spotted a toad, so he was torn between coming in and going to go mess with it. He stopped halfway a couple times to look back at his friend. Haha. The pups all finished their dinners, then it was back out to play. Hudson and Zel soon found out the consequences of messing with toads. I tried to tell them! Haha. Gabbie was the only one that just stood back and barked at it, so she didn't get all foamy. Hudson didn't learn his lesson though, and was soon messing with another one. Haha. Zel moved on to the June bugs that were dive bombig the patio. When it was time, I called them all in for bedtime.

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning it was raining outside when I came to see the pups. Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room and were ready to head out. Well, Cole was until he felt the wet patio. Haha! I got him to go off and do his business though. He was quick to head back in to help me get breakfast ready. Sadie was laying by the door and enjoying the cool morning air until it was time to come in and eat. Zoie went out while the other two ate their food. She too lounged by the door instead of staying out in the rain too long. This afternoon the rain had stopped and it got very nice out. The grass was still wet though, so the girls had to go out front. Cole and I headed out back so he could do his thing as well. He and I came in and we spent some time visiting with Zoie until it was her turn to go outside. Cole went and got himself all curled up in Sadie's bed before I left.