Thursday, May 25, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo came to meet me at the door. He followed along to help me out in the kitchen. Oreo worked on his breakfast and I went to go find Stuffy. He was sitting in the hallway again upstairs. When he saw me coming, Stuffy got up and met me halfway. I set his plate down and he ate well. Oreo came up to join us. Well, he actually came up to finish Stuffy's leftovers. Haha! Once he did that, Oreo wandered on down the hall and disappeared into a room. Stuffy enjoyed some pets while we sat there. This evening Oreo came down the stairs to meet me in the kitchen. He brushed up against my leg as usual while he waited. Oreo ate his pill sandwich, then snacked on his food. I brought Stuffy's plate upstairs to find him again. I guess this is his new spot! Haha. He was sitting in the hall up there again and ate very well for me. Stuffy laid on his side while he got his pets. Later, I got up and headed downstairs to visit with Oreo. I saw someone had thrown up, so I cleaned that up first. Oreo just sat and watched patiently. Haha. He was happy to get his chin rubs finally!