Monday, December 25, 2017

Bubba & Stormy

Today I came in and started filling up Bubba's dishes. He must have heard me and came out to see me. He hopped up and worked on eating while he got some pets. I checked his box, then headed out to see Stormy. She heard me coming and came out from her cozy house. I bet I was nice and warm in there. It was another chilly day out today. She bounced around happily and got some heiny scratches before I filled her food bowl up for her. She would take big mouhfuls of food and would run off to eat it in another part of the yard. Silly girl! Haha! She came back and was all about sniffing at me for awhile. She was checking out all the other animal smells on me from my other visits. Merry Christmas everyone!

Bella & Chico

It was another chilly morning today. I went in to let the pups out and Chico did not want to come out. He was all bundled up in his bedding and was nice and cozy warm. Haha! He eventually did come out for me, but went straight to the couch and burrowed in that blanket next. Miss Bella didn't mind the cold at all and ran out back. She was busy doing all kinds of exploring out there today, but would come back in for pets here and there. This afternoon both pups went out to do their thing. Chico came in and had lunch, then snuggled up to me to get warm. They were being silly and both started crying at me for something. I have no idea what they wanted! Haha. This evening Chico was all balled up in his towel again. They ran out to do their thing and took turns eating dinner. Bella came over for some pets. Later, they were checking things out in the yard. When it was time for bed, they got their cookies. Merry Christmas everyone!


This morning Shadow jumped down from his tower to come see me. He was just meowing away at me this morning while I got his food ready. I gave him his joint treat and he ate most of it for me. There is still a little piece of it left. After that, Shadow followed me and helped me clean the litter box. He stood right up next to me, supervising. Haha. Once we finished cleaning, he went to go eat his food. I picked out a turkey flavor for him today, so he got to eat his Christmas Turkey dinner too. He came and sat on my lap for a little bit, but then he got all spunky and was zooming around again. This evening Shadow was hanging out on his tower when I arrived. He came down and helped me in the kitchen. Shadow worked on his dinner and I checked his box. He came out to sniff at me a bit, then he hopped up on the couch behind me to snuggle up on my shoulder. He tackled his toy a bit, then went to go eat some more.