Friday, November 25, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and the boys met me in the kitchen. I saw that the two canned food plates were gone along with Stuffy's dry food. Half of Oreo's food was gone too. I got their breakfast ready and the boys both started eating. Oreo only nibbled, but Stuffy ate well. Oreo decided to hop up on the counter to get some attention from me while Stuffy ate. I got Oreo a couple treats while he was up there. After I took care of my things, I met the boys in the living room. I turned on the fire and the boys snuggled up for their attention. This evening Oreo was running down the stairs to greet me. Stuffy was already in the kitchen too. I had put all the dry food leftover up this morning, so they were ready to eat. Stuffy ate well again. Oreo nibbled and then hopped on the counter again. After a little bit he went back to snack some more. I scooped their box quick, then the boys met me in the living room. They sure are loving up the extra visits! The both snuggled up in their spots next to me to get their pets. The boys purred away, laid on their sides and took little naps.