Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo came down the stairs to say hi. He sat at my feet and waited for his breakfast to be delivered. After he ate his pill, he worked on his food and I went to fill Charlie's bowl. Stuffy didn't come down this time when I opened the door. I went to go find him after I finished with my stuff. I found him sitting in the hall upstairs. I brought him his plate and he ate well for me. I gave him his shot, then went down to visit Oreo. I thought maybe Stuffy would follow, but he didn't and decided to hang out up there instead. This evening Oreo raced down the stairs and met me in the kitchen. He hopped up on the counter to help me out. After I filled their dishes and scooped their box, I went on the hunt to find Stuffy again. He was upstairs in the movie room, lounging on the ottoman. I brought his food along again and he ate well. Oreo even came up to hang out with me while Stuffy ate. Oreo and I headed back downstairs to visit awhile. He loved up all his chin rubs. I went back upstairs to find Stuffy again to give him his medicine. I found him sitting on the counter in one of the bathrooms. I turned the water on for him for a bit so he could get a drink. Haha.