Saturday, November 5, 2016

Billie, Roxy & the gang

This morning the girls went out for their potty break. They had both finished their dinners overnight. I got their breakfast ready and let them in. While they had time to eat, I fed Oreo and Pip. The girls went back outside after that. Neither seemed interested to eat at the moment. I went and played with Pip for a little while. He was tumbling and pouncing and just having a blast with his kitty toy. Later, I went out by the girls to visit with them a bit too. They were having fun wrestling around with each other. This evening it was time for Billie and Roxy to head outside. Billie ate almost all her food and Roxy had nibbled a bit. I guess they'll be getting some yummy sausage tonight! They went out to play after they had some time to come in and attempt to eat. Nope. Haha. Salt was out when I went to see the kitties. Chili was laying on the bed, so I stopped by to pet her a little. Salt had gone to hide under the bed by now. Pip was bouncing around behind me, ready to play. He cracks me up! He was all about sniffing at me tonight. He could smell other kitties I'm sure. Haha. I was playing with him a bit and heard dogs barking outside kinda crazy. I got up and went to check it out to make sure the girls were behaving. It was just some neighbor dogs. I sat outside with the girls for awhile. They were all riled up from the commotion and were zooming all over the yard. Suddenly... "crack!" Billie accidentally took out a tiki torch. Too much rough housing! Haha! Oops. When it was time, the girls came in and I got them some sausage for their food. They of course, started eating right away. Silly girls!

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening both boys were sitting by the door when I came in. Oreo got up and walked me to the kitchen. Stuffy joined us after a couple minutes. They waited patiently as usual for their dinner. They ate and I tended to their things. Oreo was already waiting at his spot for me. Stuffy had gone to go use the freshly cleaned litter box. He came and sat in the living room when he was done. He sat far off tonight with his back to me. I guess he wasn't in the mood for pets! Oreo didn't mind taking his share. Haha. He snuggled by me pretty much the whole time and got his pets and chin rubs.