Sunday, November 20, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was making his way into the entryway to see me. Stuffy was lounging in the dining room. The boys both joined me in the kitchen as usual. Both canned and Stuffy's dry food were gone again, with Oreo's dry untouched. Must be tasty...haha. I got them some fresh food and they both ate well. Oreo took his pill and Stuffy got his shot after they ate. He did well and enjoyed some pets after. I took care of their box and Oreo then met me in the living room. He sure is loving up this extra attention! Oreo snuggled up close and laid by me the whole time. Stuffy was a little indifferent. Haha. He sat at the edge of the living room. This time, I decided to take half of whatever dry food was left on each plate and put it back in the container. I still wanted to leave a little something out for them, but am hoping to cut it to less and less, so that they eat more when I'm there and get used to having mealtimes. I left the canned out for them too. This evening, the boys met me in the kitchen. Both canned and Stuffy's dry were gone, and this time, even half of Oreo's was gone too. Oreo took his pill, then I fed them their dinner. They both ate even better this time, but still not a ton. Oreo nearly finished all the canned I gave him in one sitting. He hasn't made any attempts on Stuffy's food today, while I'm there anyways. Haha. Stuffy was good for his insulin again. After he gets his injection, I start to kind of vigorously pet and itch his shoulder area where it was, and he seems to really like that. He hasn't tried to run off on me yet, so far so good! I turned the fire on and all three of us laid on the floor by the cozy warm hearth. The boys both snuggled up and enjoyed plenty of pets and chin rubs.


This morning Shadow came right to the door to wish me a good morning. He circled around me and followed along to the pantry to get a new can of food. Shadow meowed to me, telling me to hurry up cause he was hungry! Haha. He snacked on his food while I tended to my things. When I returned, Shadow was just finishing up and came over to sit in my lap. He was feeling snuggly again this morning. Shadow laid there and just purred away. He actually didn't get up to eat again until it was pretty much time to go.