Friday, July 7, 2017

Murdy & Guthrie

This morning the boys were both right up by the door to greet me. I headed to the kitchen with Guthrie leading the way. Murdy was already sitting on the counter waiting. I got the boys their food and made sure they stuck to their own bowls. They both licked their dishes clean for me. After I finished with their other things, it was time to play. The boys had both been sitting on the dining table, waiting for me to finish. As soon as Guthrie saw me coming, he ran for the office door. Murdy stayed on the table so I stopped to give him some pets. He did a big stretch and sat there happily getting loved on. Later, I went and got the feather toy out for the boys to play.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and spotted Stuffy sitting in the chair in the office. I headed to the kitchen and Oreo came in shortly after. He waited for his food and got to work as soon as I put the plate down. Stuffy wandered in and sat by the back door, so I brought his over to him too. After the boys finished eating, they strolled into the living room to eat for me. The boys took their sides and rolled over for some belly rubs and brushes. This evening I came in and Oreo greeted me right away. We went to the kitchen and Stuffy came in to sit by his brother and wait. They both got their plates and they ate well. I did my things and filled Charlie's bowl before coming in to visit with the boys. Tonight it was Oreo that didn't stay long. All those chin rubs got his appetite worked up so he had to go snack some more on dinner. Stuff was laying on his side and taking a snooze as he got brushed.