Monday, January 2, 2017

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I walked in and I think I startled Finn. She was stretching up against the wall by the door. Haha. I spotted Henry and Houston as I walked in as well. I see the kitties had found some new things they pulled out to the living room. Finn got her hello pets, then we went to check for the others. Micah was lounging on the bed again as usual. Finn hopped up by him and nuzzled his head with hers. So cute! I didn't see Smudge or Charlie today. After I cleaned up and pulled their food down for them, I went to get Micah his dinner. Since Finn didn't scare him today, he actually ate quite well. Houston and Finn were busy wrestling around on the floor. Soon, Micah was finished and Henry and Finn took care of the leftovers.

Sophie & Roxy

Today the girls were out lounging in the grass by the front gate. They were enjoying the gorgeous day we had outside! They jumped up and were bouncing around by the gate when they saw me coming. The girls came in and I filled their dishes. Today, they went right to work on their food. After that, Sophie hopped up on one side for attention, and Roxy on the other. Roxy didn't stay long and went to go sit in her chair. Sophie wiggled around and rolled over for her belly rubs. I noticed her collar was missing today, so I went out to go look for it. Luckily, I checked their house first, because there it was. Haha. I got the girls their snacks when it was time.