Monday, December 11, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

This morning Kylo greeted me with his wiggles as he stood up against the gate. I let Panda and Bu out to do their thing. Bu was being silly and not wanting to go back out again, but eventually she did. Kylo took his turn out there while I filled dishes and their water jug. He came in all bouncy and went to get his ball for some fetch. He cracks me up. He'd go bouncing down the hall after it and would promptly bring it back to go again! This afternoon was super nice out. Panda and Bu took a little extra time out there again. They came in and I let Kylo roam out there while I took care of Tatty's box. Kylo came in and got his fetch time. He would go digging around in his basket for other toys. This evening, the pups went out for their bedtime potty break. Kylo came in to play, then he ran into the kitchen. I asked if he needed to go out again. He did, and went potty again. Then, he zoomed around the yard and was just having a blast out there! I think the wind was getting him all spunky. Haha. Inside, we tossed his ball around some more. When it was time to go to his room, he was being a little stink. Kylo thought it was eat my hand or pick on Bu time instead. Brat! Haha! I corralled him in though.