Thursday, October 19, 2017


Shadow was waiting at the laundry room door to greet me tonight. He led the way to the kitchen and I got his food ready for him. Shadow was busy smelling the other animal scents on my legs. Haha. He went to work on his food while I turned on lights and checked his box. I sat in the living room and he came over for a few pets. After that, he wandered down the hall. I found him lounging on his kitty bed by the window in the spare room. Shadow followed me out and went to snack some more on dinner.

Shadow & Lucy

Today Lucy met me at the door with her cute meow. I headed to the kitchen to get their food and Shadow came to supervise. He ate his food when I delivered it and I took care of their box quick. In the living room, Lucy came over for a few pets before disappearing in the bedroom. I checked on her later and she meowed at me from the window sill as I opened the curtains. Haha. I tried to play with Shadow but he wasn't too interested. He did go and sit on my shoes for awhile! Haha! I was sitting there trying to figure out where their treat jar was, but didn't see it. Later on, Shadow showed me right where it was! So of course, I got him some!

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls came in as usual. Navi sat at her bowl, staring at it and Noell was wandering around and rubbing up against cabinets as she waited. I did my stuff and returned to the living room. Noell came and sat with me and Navi joined when she finished eating. Noell was lovey today and rolled around on her back next to me for belly rubs. Navi sat at the back door and stared out the window for awhile. She was ready to play when I got the feather toy out! Noell was the one to venture on outside to enjoy the cool morning air.