Friday, December 8, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

This afternoon I came in and Kylo was talking all big. By the time I got to the gate, he was pawing at me for pets. I let Panda and Bu out first. They did their thing and came back in. Kylo was super excited, so I had to keep him on task to go out. Haha. He did his business and came in, then raced into his room. I went and scooped Tatty's box and filled her dishes. I didn't see her, so she must have been hiding out. This evening the pups did great again. Panda and Bu went out. They came in and Bu sat at my feet and gave me one of her hugs. I told them they needed to go out again, and they did and finished up. Inside, I went and got Kylo for his turn. He did his business and lined back up at the door. I grabbed his ball and we tossed that around a bit. Once it landed by Bu and she did not want him to get it! Haha. He had to sneakily grab it when she wasn't looking. I looked for Tatty tonight and saw her little heiny under the couch. I talked to her and she did come out for me and even wanted some pets too. I still love her tiny little meow!