Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Stuffy was hanging out in the entryway when I arrived. Oreo came in the dining room shortly after to greet me. The boys followed me to the kitchen to wait for their dinner. After Oreo got his pill, they worked on their food. I went to fill their water and scoop their box while they were busy. The boys were both waiting for me in the living room when I was finished. Oreo enjoyed some chin rubs while Stuffy took his turn eating treats. Stuffy moved and sat off just a little ways, so Oreo moved in and took his turn for treats. Both boys purred away while they got their pets.


This evening I came in and started getting dinner ready for Shadow. He hadn't come out to see me yet, so I started looking for him. Then, he came out of the bedroom. I guess he was napping really good! He followed me to the kitchen and started wandering around my legs. He must have still been waking up, because he got tired and just laid in the kitchen until I got his food for him. Shadow went to work on his dinner while I turned on lights and scooped his box. When I returned, he came over to say hi in the living room. After going to snack some more, he returned and hopped up to the top of his kitty tower. We had fun playing with his kitty toy for awhile as I tossed it up to him. He'd wrestle it around. Then, Shadow was a little sleepy and relaxed.