Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Waldo, Mabel & Otis

Today I came in and Waldo was right there to greet me. I saw Mabel in the living room and she quickly ran to the hall. She stopped there when she saw me and watched me for a bit. Waldo and I headed to the kitchen to get his food. I filled up the treat toy, which was empty, so I guess Otis had his snacks! Waldo and I went to the living room and I tossed some treats around for him. Mabel returned and watched from just behind the couches. She kept sneaking around to different vantage points! Haha! Next time I looked and she had moved to the top of the dining table. Waldo was quite the lovey boy today and wanted mostly pets, and wasn't super interested in his feather toy. He did roll around and bat at it a few times though.

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and Noell was in the kitchen ready to say hi. Navi came in while I was getting their breakfast ready. The girls wandered around in there until I delivered their bowls. While they ate, I filled their dishes and scooped their box. In the living room, they were ready for some attention. Noell did some zooms after her fish toy. Then, they took turns batting at it as they laid on either side of the rug. Noell kept finding spots on the wood floor to lounge and keep cool.