Monday, October 24, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and Oreo was just making his way into the kitchen to see me. I no more than turned around and Stuffy was right there too! The boys sat and waited while I got their dinner ready. After I scooped their box and filled their treats, the boys met me in the living room. Stuffy actually came right up by me and wanted attention today! He sat by me for his pets. Oreo was working on his treats and getting the occasional chin rub. After he finished, it was Oreo that went to lay off in the distance. I guess they traded places today. Haha. Oreo went to go snack on some more food after awhile. Stuffy was content laying by me and getting his pets.

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and didn't see anyone. I started getting their food and water ready. I then noticed that Shadow had wandered into the living room. He gave me a tiny meow, then went to sit on the table to ask for his treats. I got him a few before I went to look for Lucy. I spotted her lounging in her kitty bed by the window. She immediately started meowing at me and went behind the curtain in the window. Haha. She was itching her chin on the wall. I gave her some attention, then went to scoop their box. In the living room, Shadow sat by me for a little bit. Then, he went to sit by the front door. Lucy stayed in her window to bird watch the rest of the time. Shadow later worked his way to the back window.