Friday, October 28, 2016

Sadie, Cole & Miss Piggy

This morning I came in and Sadie greeted me at the door. She followed me to the kitchen to read notes quick. I heard Cole coming down the hallway too. Sadie went out front for a potty break while I took Cole out back. After he did his business, we came in and I got Miss Piggy some fresh food and water. She is too darn cute! She was a little shy at first, but after I fed her she let me pet her. I scooped her box, then it was time to let Sadie in and get the pups their breakfast. This afternoon it was just beautiful out! The pups followed me to the kitchen. I saw Miss Piggy made a mess of her food. Haha! I guess her name fits. :) I cleaned her box, then the pups and I went out back to enjoy the weather. Cole did his thing and came over for some attention. Later, he pawed at the door to go in. He kept telling me that, so I let him go on in. Sadie was lounging at the back of the yard for quite awhile. She found something in the grass next to the bushes. Then, wandered to the side of the house. After a couple minutes I called for her since it was time to go in. I then had the most terrible scare! Since she wasn't coming for me, I peeked around the corner. The gate was open. I ran to the front of the yard immediately and started yelling for her. Since she didn't come, I ran back in to get my keys and went out the garage. Luckily, there she was, saying hi to a neighbor. Phew! She came running when she saw me and I got her safely inside. I don't know what happened... the wind must have blown the gate open! Scared the crap outta me. Thank God she didn't go far! This evening Sadie and Cole were ready to head outside. They took their potty break, then we came in and I got everyone their dinners. The pups and I went back outside for awhile after they finished eating. While we sat out there, I heard Miss Piggy squeal inside. I guess she was throwing a tantrum! She had tossed her litter pan around and litter flung everywhere. When I opened the crate to get her blanket out, she tried to run out. I think little lady wanted out. Haha. I got everything cleaned up and let the pups back in for bedtime.

Bella & Chico

Tonight I came by and called hello to the pups. Chico started barking back. I opened the door and was surprised to be greeted with a hug from Bella! Haha. I let Chico out, then we made our way out back. It was a beautiful evening! Bella sat by me to get her attention for awhile since she was excited to see me. When she settled down, she went and laid on the patio to relax. Chico hung out inside for a little while. He later came out to explore in the dark. When it was time, I tucked them in their beds with a cookie for the night.

Oreo & Stuffs

Today the boys both appeared in the kitchen behind me as I started getting Oreo's meds ready. He ate his little pill sandwich, then I delivered their dinner. After I took care of their things, I filled their treat toy up and met them in the living room. Oreo came and snuggled up next to me for some pets right away. He didn't even go for some treats first! Haha. Stuffy took advantage and ate his favorite part of the treats. He laid down next to me on the other side when he finished. Both boys were loving up their attention tonight. Stuffy even rolled to his side to take a nap while he got his belly rubs.

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls circled around the kitchen as usual while I got their breakfast ready. Noell went right to work on her food. Navi wanted just one more pet, then she was ready to eat too. The girls ate well as usual. Navi and I headed to the bathroom and she went potty for me. Good girl! It looks like they have been using it well on their own. After she finished, I changed out the liner. Noell was  waiting and ready for her turn I guess! I went to sit in the living room when I finished. Navi had gone out to the patio already. The neighbor dog was barking loudly again, so I guess she was checking on that and enjoying the beautiful morning. Noell came and soaked up all the one on one attention she could get! She rolled around and enjoyed every bit of her pets and chin rubs. I laid my sweatshirt on the floor next to me. She had a blast with that too! She must have liked my other animal smells on it and she was just rolling around and rubbing her face in it. So cute! Haha! When I went to fill treat toys up, Navi heard that and came to the window to see what I was up to. Silly girl!