Friday, February 24, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo greeted me at the door. Stuffy was sitting up on the stairs. The boys met me in the kitchen to wait for their food. As I was bringing Stuffy his, I saw Charlie out back! I went out to visit him for a little bit. He sure is sweet. I got him some food too and he went to work. Both boys were sitting at the door, watching intently. Stuffy was quite the talker too! Haha. Soon, the boys settled and worked on their food. Stuffy got his medicine, then we went and sat in the living room. The boys enjoyed their attention time. This evening both boys were at the door to see me. I headed to the kitchen and Oreo hopped on the counter to help. He ate, then snacked on his treats. Stuffy was trying to watch out the back door. We didn't see Charlie out there, so he eventually wandered off. He wasn't too interested in eating at first. Later, after some brush session time, he did eat for me. Oreo got his chin rubs too.