Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Murdy & Guthrie

This morning I came in and saw someone was a stinker again! They had knocked down a rock crystal from somewhere, but luckily it looked unharmed. I picked that up and headed to the kitchen to get the boys their food. Guthrie of course was right in there, mowing down before I was even finished. Haha. After they finished eating, I got their feather toy out and we had some playtime. Guthrie had a blast as usual, chasing and pouncing. Murdy even zoomed in for a tackle too. He kept racing up to his kitty tower to watch the action.


This morning it was raining out again. I came by and it seemed to be letting up a little. I let Jackson out and gave him some time. It took him awhile because he wanted back in, but eventually he ran off and did his business. I went out with him and we sat outside to enjoy the nice cool morning. Jackson sat with me for attention and did go roam off for a bit as well. We tried to have him eat some breakfast, but he kept sniffing and would turn his nose up at it. We tried though! He will be very happy to have mom and dad home soon!

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls both came into the kitchen when they heard me come in. They circled around the kitchen and in their room while they waited. I delivered their breakfast and the girls both went to work right away. I went and took care of their box and then met them in the living room. Navi came over and said hi for a few pets, then wandered off. Noell came and laid next to me and she batted at the mouse toy for awhile. After that, she just laid there and enjoyed some pets.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and saw Stuffy lounging in the entryway again. It was raining again this morning so he must have been enjoying watching it out the window. Oreo came and followed me to the kitchen. I spotted Charlie sitting right next to the back door. Stuffy came in and saw him too, so he went over. Both boys put their noses right up to the glass and they were meowing at each other. Haha. I went out and fed him and gave him a few pets. Stuffy kept a close eye on me. I came back in and got the other two their breakfast. Stuffy ate well, but kept looking up to check on his friend. After breakfast, the boys came into the living room to visit me. This evening both boys came to the kitchen to wait for their dinner. Stuffy sat at the edge of the kitchen so I brought him his plate. Both boys ate well again. They were waiting for me by the time I was finished with my things. They each snuggled up by me and got their attention time.