Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning both girls were in the kitchen when I came in. They rubbed up against the doorway and cabinets as they waited for me to get their breakfast. The girls both ate well for me. Navi even went for Noell's leftovers! Haha. After she finished, Navi wandered down the hall and went to the bathroom on her own. Such a good kitty. I met the girls in the living room. I got the mice out and tossed them around for Navi. Noell had gone out to the patio. She came in when she saw us playing. Noell swatted the mice around more than Navi did. Haha! She was very interested when I filled their treat toys up though!

Daisy & Sophie

Today Sophie met me in the kitchen. I started getting Daisy's food ready. She heard me from the laundry room and started meowing. Daisy was purring and brushing up against the gate. I guess she really is mellowing out! Haha. I delivered her food and worked on scooping their boxes and filling their water dishes. Then, I sat and pet Sophie for a bit. We couldn't find her toy, so that had to do for today. She didn't seem to mind! Sophie rolled around on the floor and enjoyed every bit. I turned on the faucet for her too, since she was sitting on the counter and trying to lick at it. Haha.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo was standing in the dining room waiting for me. I spotted Stuffy sitting at the top of the stairs. The boys both came into the kitchen to wait for their dinner. The boys both snacked and I took care of their things. Oreo met me at our spot and started swatting at his treat toy. Stuffy eventually came in and sat with us. Both boys enjoyed their pets. Stuffy got up and moved further away after a little bit. But Oreo snuggled closer and wanted more chin rubs!