Monday, May 29, 2017

Sadie, Chloe & Patches

This morning I came in and called for Sadie again. She barked from her room and then came out excitedly and said hi. I let her out to potty and got her breakfast. Sadie wanted to come back in for awhile. She laid by me and got plenty of belly rubs. She was too busy enjoying that to eat her breakfast, so I brought that out to the shop for her again. When it was time, she headed out and went to go bark at stuff with the neighbor dogs. This evening I came in and went out to go get Sadie and close things up. She went inside to wait. By the time I got back, Patches was up on the table meowing for her dinner. I fed the girls and went to wait for Sadie to finish. She came and got more pets and belly rubs. Chloe stood on the other side for some attention too. Patches finished dinner, then went back to her spot on the couch. Before I left, I got Sadie a couple bedtime cookies.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Stuffy was already sitting in the kitchen, watching out the back door. Oreo strolled in just as I got there and proceeded to rub his face on me as he waited for his food. The boys both went to work on breakfast while I filled their other dishes. I stepped out to fill Charlie's bowl and Stuffy sat to watch. I went to our spot and Oreo came and plopped down next to me. He started purring away and loved up his chin rub time. Stuffy wandered in as well and sat with his back to me so I could brush him. He didn't stay too long this morning and wandered off to go sit in his chair. This evening I came in and heard Oreo racing down the stairs behind me. That sound always makes me laugh. Haha! Stuffy was lounging on his chair again. He got up right away and both boys sat at my feet while I got their dinner ready. I guess Stuffy was really hungry! Oreo ate a couple bites and walked off. Stuffy sat and licked his plate clean. The boys were waiting for me to come join them in the living room. They laid on either side and enjoyed their pamper time. Oreo got up to go snack some more, then came back for seconds on his chin rubs.