Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eisley & Indy

This morning I arrived and the remote was completely dead. I tried messing with it a little, then I realized I had another remote in the car that used the same type of battery. Voila! Just swapped them out for a minute and it worked perfect. I went in and Indy let me know he was hungry for his breakfast. Eisley was comfy lounging on a chair pad and didn't want to get up. I don't blame her! I delivered her bowl over to her so she could relax and enjoy her food. The pups both finished their food. Indy ran outside to go bark at something for awhile. Miss Eisley never moved a muscle. She must have been very comfy! I heard the kitty talking to me and pawing at the door for me again this morning. Sorry kitty! Haha. Indy returned and wanted some chest scratches for awhile. When it was time, I got them each a couple cookies this morning. They were such good pups as always!


This morning I came in and Murdy eventually appeared to greet me. He was quite talkative this morning! I gave him some hello pets, then went to get his things taken care of. When I came out, he was sitting on the dining table and kept tucking his head under and meowed at me. What a goof! I wasn't sure what he was doing, but I guess he was excited! Haha. He came in and helped me get his toy before we headed to the living room. He had fun stalking the feather toy. I had fun making him pounce on pillows. Haha!

Shadow & Lucy

Today I came in and it was Shadow who was there to greet me. I gave him a hello pet, then got breakfast ready. He went and sat by the bedroom door for a bit, and waited while I went to scoop their box. By the time I returned, he was sitting on his chair. He then hopped up to the snack table when he saw I was on my way. I, of course, got him a few! Then, I went to see what Lucy was up to. She was sitting on her perch in the front room, doing some bird watching. She started meowing at me as I came over to pet her. She enjoyed plenty of chin rubs. Lucy had the struggle of whether to meow or purr. Haha! She kept meowing the whole time and cracked me up. I went back out to see Shadow a bit and Lucy followed along. I tried to get her to play, but she just watched the rope toy as I tossed it around. Shadow went to sit by the front door, got a bite to eat, then wandered off. Lucy eventually retired to her front room to bird watch some more.

Billie, Roxy & the gang

This morning the girls went out for their potty break while I started getting breakfast ready. Billie was first back to the door, and I let them in right away. While they were in their beds to eat, I got Oreo some breakfast and got things ready for Pip. The girls still didn't want to eat for me, still waiting for the good stuff I guess. I let them back out to play. It was warmer this morning than it was yesterday, so they were all spunky out there, having a blast! I went to feed Pip and Billie and Roxie both popped up in the window to see what I was up to. Pepper was still lounging in the same spot. Chili and Salt were both hanging out under the bed. Pip came out to get some play time in after breakfast. Later, I went out to visit the girls. They were very excited and got all riled up. They started chasing and wrestling around. Those two crack me up! When it was time, they came in and waited while I put some sausage in their food for them.