Saturday, August 5, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the pups went out to do their thing. I got them their breakfast  and they came in to eat. The piggies were ready for their breakfast too. I got them some fresh bedding for their upstairs and Zephyr got her medicine. Once I finished, the girls went back outside and I checked on the kitties. I fixed Pip's house and filled their dishes. Their string was all wrapped up in his house. I guess they'd had some fun with it while I was gone! I got the string and the boys were ready for some playtime. This afternoon I stopped by to let the girls out for a break and Billie's towel was dry. It stayed dry again until I came back this evening. Yay! I let them out again and got them dinner and fresh water. The girls ate and I filled a yummy plate of fresh veggies for Zoi and Zephyr. They quick snuck little nibbles while I cleaned other areas. The kitties got their yummy snack for the night too. Salt and Pepper were both hanging out under the bed. I think Pepper thought I was one of the boys moving the underskirt of the bed, because she grumbled and swatted at me first. Haha! I delivered their yums under the bed for them while Pip and Rudy ate theirs. Soon, it was time to tuck everyone in for the night.