Monday, November 21, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and called for the boys. They both appeared in the kitchen as I started getting their stuff ready. They had eaten all their usual favorites, and most of Oreo's leftover dry. Oreo took his medicine and the boys went to town on their breakfast. They ate pretty good, still not great though. Stuffy got his shot and then the boys and I sat in the living room for their attention time. Stuffy sat off at a distance. Oreo snuggled right up to me as usual. I put a little more of their leftover dry back this morning than I did yesterday. This evening the boys met me on the way to the kitchen. I got them their dinners. Stuffy ate very well for me tonight. Oreo ate about as much as he usually does, so he must be getting most of the leftovers haha. Stuffy got his shot, then the boys and I went and sat by the fire. Oreo got as close as he could on one side, and Stuffy was sitting nice and close too. Both boys purred away and enjoyed their pets. Tonight I left all their leftovers out for them. I want to make sure Stuffy is getting enough, so I thought I'd switch it up tonight.