Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sophie & Roxy

Today it started to warm up a little and the sun was shining. The girls were out lounging in the grass when I pulled up today. They seemed to be enjoying the weather! They both ran up to the fence and were bouncing up and down. The girls met me at the door and came in. After I filled their dishes, Roxy went and sat in her chair and Sophie raced to the couch to wait for me. Sophie snuggled with me for a bit and got her belly rubs. Soon, it was time to eat. The girls both went over and worked on their food. With full tummies, now it was nap time! Sophie curled up with me and Roxy went to her chair. Later on, Roxy came over and the girls were giving each other kisses, and messing with each other too. Haha! When it was time to head out, I got the girls a few snacks for today. They will be so happy to see mom and dad soon!