Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was still nice and warm outside. All the pups were barking excitedly once I got into the garage. They all bounced around at my feet as we made our way out back. The pups all did their business and lined up at the door to head in for breakfast. They all ate well. After breakfast, we went back outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. Hudson was off to his corner of the yard right away. Gabbie and Zel hung around the patio and checked things out. Hudson would bark at things, then later he'd just be sitting in the yard, staring quietly at the corner. He's quite the little guard pup! Haha. The girls eventually wandered out further to explore as well. Zel found the wood pile intriguing this morning. When it was time, they didn't want to come in! Haha. I had to go out and round them up. Hudson and Gabbie got tucked in their beds. This evening Zel came running into the kitchen to see me. She waited in the living room while I got the others. After potty breaks, they all helped me get dinner ready. Zel was hopping around all cute when it was her turn for dinner delivery! All three licked their bowls clean. It was still a gorgeous evening, so we headed back outside. Everyone was off checking things out in the dark. Every now and then we'd see car lights and they'd run to the gate to check it out. Soon, it was time to head in for bed. Hudson made sure to check all the bowls for any leftovers. Haha!

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I let Miss Ruby out and we headed out back. Rusty was still snoozing away. He eventually came out to join us. Next, Ruby was letting me know it was time for breakfast. She polished off her bowl pretty quick. The kitties were already lining up in the kitchen too. Rusty got his food, then I went to feed the girls. Salem got her medicine and they both went to work on their breakfast. After I checked on the turtles, Rusty was ready for some playtime. It was very nice out this morning! He got a nice long game in. This afternoon, Ruby did her thing, then I went in to fill water bowls quick. When I returned, Rusty was waiting for me. I tossed his ball for him a little bit until he got bored and was busy exploring instead. I went in to visit with Ruby and Sheba next. Sheba was chasing her mouse toy around in the front room while Ruby took a snooze in her chair. Salem actually came out to visit too! She climbed right up into my lap and walked around to get some pets. She's such a sweetie.


This morning Shadow came to the kitchen to see me. He wandered into the pantry to rub his chin on some water bottles while he waited for me to get his snacks and new can of food. Shadow kept putting his cold nose on me, trying to sneak a little nibble. Haha. Finally, I delivered his food and he was ready to eat. After I scooped his box, I waited for him in the living room. Shadow eventually came around to visit. It wasn't long though before he had to go snack some more. Later on, we got a little playtime in with his kitty toy. He had fun catching and wrestling with it. When it was time for me to go, Shadow thought he might try to come with and raced into the laundry room. Sorry bud! Haha. I think mom and dad would miss you!