Monday, September 25, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This morning I came in and let miss Ruby out right away. She didn't even want to go potty, she was all about breakfast first! Haha. Her bowl saying is so her. After the pups ate, we headed outside for their potty break. I headed in and fed the turtles and miss Sheba was rolling around letting me know she was hungry too. Ruby followed me around, ready to lick the can. After everyone was taken care of, Rusty and I got a little fetch in. This afternoon I let Ruby out and we headed out back to do her business. I turned the sprinkler on for the llamas since it was kinda hot out again today. Rusty played with me a little bit, but he was more interested in checking things out around the yard. So, I went in and played with Sheba a bit. This evening I came in and both pups were already in the laundry room waiting for me. Ruby was bouncing up and down ready to eat! After dinner, the pups came out with me to feed the big kids. I went in to feed the cats and Salem was ready for some attention. Rusty and I got a nice game of fetch in before it was time for bed.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was sitting on his chair again. He gave me a little meow to let me know where he was. Oreo hopped down and followed me to the kitchen. He brushed his face on the back of my legs while he waited. Stuffy had appeared by the back door so I brought him his plate. The boys both ate for me then they met me in the living room for a bit. Stuffy didn't stay too long and wandered off to the dining room. Oreo and I played a little game with his laser light. He made me laugh with his little squeaks he'd make at it. Haha. This evening the cleaning lady was there when I arrived. Oreo met me in the kitchen right away and Stuffy went to his post at the back door. I saw Charlie out in the yard on the hunt after something. I called for him and he looked up at me, but whatever he was after was more fun. Haha. After the boys ate, I met Oreo in the living room. Stuffy took off somewhere else. Oreo got his pamper time in. He was loving all over his little kitty nip pillow too. Haha