Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Today Felixx was right by the door when I came in, so I was careful to sneak in so he couldn't get out. He was sure lovey today! He was pretty much attached to my leg as soon as I got in. He helped me in the kitchen, then again upstairs. Felixx was wanting attention so bad he kept trying to brush up against my legs while we were heading back down the stairs. I had to be very careful so he didn't trip me! Haha. Once we got to the living room, he wandered over for some pets before we got to playtime. I got the string out that was attached to a little stick and he had fun chasing that around today. I saw the brush on the table and was curious if he liked that. He was loving it up! Felixx was itching his chin on it and really enjoyed his brush time today.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and Oreo quickly met me in the kitchen. Stuffy wandered in shortly after and went to sit by the back door. I got their food ready and delivered it to them. I went out back to fill Charlie's bowl, and sure enough, he was out there. He was hiding behind the post so I couldn't see him until I got out there. I fed him and gave him some pets while he crunched away on breakfast. By the time I turned around, both boys were sitting at the door watching. Jealous! Haha. I came in and they followed along to the living room for some attention. Neither stayed very long. I guess they were bored with me this morning. I got up to see what they were up to and they both had gone to sit in the dining room. This evening I came in and both boys were sitting on the rug by the back door. I didn't see Charlie out there, so I guess they were just waiting for me to come give them their dinner! While they ate I filled their dishes and scooped their box. Oreo was happy to come snuggle up with me tonight. He purred away as he got his chin rubs. He later rotated to the other side so I could get his belly too. Just a little bit though! He would occasionally push my hand away with his back paws. Haha. Stuffy wasn't wanting too much hands on attention tonight. He just came and sat in the room with us.