Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

Tonight Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room. Zoie was bouncing up and down in the kitchen, holding her toys in her mouth. I let Sadie out front to do her business and Cole and I headed out back. He went out to the grass and pottied, then lined up at the door. We sat in the kitchen for a bit until it was Zoie's turn to go out. Sadie helped while I filled their water dishes. She and Cole cleaned theirs out immediately, so I filled it back up for them. I put Cole on the bed since he asked. But, he didn't stay too long. I let Zoie back inside and gave Sadie a few more minutes out front.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was first to greet me. She danced circles around me in the kitchen while I got breakfast ready. I heard Navi coming in from out on the patio. The girls ate, and I took care of my things. Navi came out to supervise while I scooped their box. Back inside, Noell was waiting for me in the living room. She rolled over to wait for me to pet her. Navi eventually came in to join us. The girls played with their feather toy a little while. Soon, they wandered off to do their own things. I guess they were bored with me today. Haha.