Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This evening I came in and went to let Ruby out. I saw she wasn't in her pen, so I called for her. She came bouncing along outside with me to do her business. The big kids were all lined up at the fence already, waiting for dinner. I went in and fed Ruby quick, since she was obviously wasting away. Haha! I went out to feed the others next. When I came in, Ruby was sitting by her bowl, as if I had forgotten to feed her. Silly girl. Salem and Sheba got dinner next. I filled water dishes and cleaned boxes, then checked on the kittens. Simon still doesn't want to let me pet him just yet. He's fine coming up to me though! The other is my best friend. After I got Rusty to come out and eat his dinner, I played some laser light with Sheba and Ruby laid next to me for some belly rubs.

Panda, Bu & Tatty

This morning I came in to let the pups out back. It took them a little bit to make their way to the back door. Maybe they were still sleepy! Haha. They did their thing and came in when they were ready. I checked for Tatty and left some treats for her for after I left. The pups both got some treats too. This afternoon I came in and Bu was napping in the doggie bed and Panda was in his pen. I had to call for them to wake them up since they didn't hear me. They followed me to the door and on out back to do their business. Back inside, they got a few pets before I went to check on Tatty's things.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning both boys were in the dining room when I came in. Oreo met me in the kitchen and Stuffy went to wait on the stairs. Oreo hopped up on the counter to help me get breakfast ready. I fed Stuffy on the stairs. He ate well for me this morning. He enjoyed his brushing session after he finished. Oreo waited for me at our spot for when it was his turn. He enjoyed some brushing and chin rubs.