Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chupi & U-turn

It was a very chilly start to the morning. I came in and started taking care of things for Chupi, who was of course hiding, as usual. I went out to fill dishes for U-turn, and to my surprise, she was in the garage this time! She was quite the talker this morning too. I went in and got her food and water. She sure wanted to come inside. Haha. I sat out there with her and she was just loving up all the attention. U-turn sat in my lap and purred away. This evening I came in and got some yummy canned food out for the kitties. Chupi was still hanging out under the couch for safety from the scary pet sitter. Haha. I went out to the garage and didn't see U-turn. I was a little disappointed, but grabbed her dishes to take in and fill. When I returned, there she was! She must have hear me calling for her. U-turn worked on her dinner, then was ready for some attention time.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell came in from outside to greet me in the kitchen. I got their breakfast ready and brought it over to their spot. Navi hadn't come in yet, which I thought was odd. I put her bowl up while I filled the other dishes. Still no Navi. Hmmm. I looked out the back door to see if I could see her. Sure enough, she was sitting on the kitty tower out there. But, I also spotted her friend sitting at the patio screen door! I guess Navi was on patrol! Haha. I went out there and the other cat ran around to the side of the porch and Navi crawled along the screen windowsill, not taking her eyes off him. I looked out the screen and started talking to the kitty. He was rolling around on the ground and just having fun. Navi was not amused. Haha! I went in and took care of their litter. Noell followed along with me, in place of Navi this time. Noell and I sat in the living room and she was just loving up all the one on one attention! She rolled around on the floor and purred away as she got her pets. Then, she hopped up and sat on the couch behind my head. Navi was still guarding her house. I went back out and she followed me inside to come and eat. I took her to the bathroom too, but she didn't have to do anything. No accidents today, so all is well.